Fasting and Power
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We learn from the Seerah that the foundations of power must first be established before we can actually take the battlefield. This is the significance of the thirteen years in Makkah, the Hijrah and the first year in Madinah. The foundations of power are freedom, knowledge, values, faith, unity and fraternity, leadership and discipline. A study of the main points made in this paper reveal that the institution of the collective fast of Ramadan makes a significant contribution towards developing and sustaining all those foundations of power, but most of all internal freedom.


Table of Contents

  1. The Imperative of Power
  2. Fasting in Islam - Its Basic Objective
  3. Fasting and Internal Spiritual Power
  4. Religion and the State
  5. Morality and Religion
  6. Fasting in Islam - Laws and Linkages
  7. Link with Judaism
  8. Link with Sex and Chastity
  9. Link with Charity
  10. Link with Human Rights, Freedom and Dignity
  11. Between the Two Nights
  12. Fasting and the Physical Body
  13. Fasting and Creativity
  14. Sharing Hunger with the Destitute
  15. Fasting and the Value of Food
  16. The Last Word

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