The Qur'anic Method of Curing Alcoholism and Drug Addiction
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What, then, is the Qur'anic way of dealing with the problem of alcohol, alcoholism, drugs and drug addiction?


We are in fact witnessing a critical moment in history when alcoholism and drug addiction are about to emerge as such horrendous monsters as would consume the very heart of society and reduce society to a miserable wretch. What we have so far witnessed is but the 'tip of the iceberg'. Therefore, the Qur'an demonstrate a capacity to respond successfully to the problem of alcohol, alcoholism, drug and drug addiction.


Table of Content

  1. Truth and the Godless World-Order
  2. Islam and Truth
  3. A Spiritual Perspective
  4. Alcoholism and the End of History
  5. Islam, The West and the Cure for Alcoholism and Drug Addiction
  6. The Qur'anic Method of Stage by Stage Revelation - For Stage by Stage Cure
  7. Continuing Operational Validity of Qur'anic Method
  8. Combating Alcohol and Combating Riba

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