Iqbal and Pakistan's Moment of Truth
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  1. Introductory Comment
  2. True scholarship must subject all knowledge - including Iqbal thought - to critical evaluation.
  3. There are two Pakistans.
  4. There is Duality in Iqbal's thought.
  5. Iqbal is wrong in his view that the modern republican State can replace the Calipate.
  6. Iqbal rejects belief in the advent of Imam al-Mahdi.
  7. The Sufi epistemology.
  8. The epistemology of the modern West.
  9. Iqbal's epistemological response to the modern West.
  10. Iqbal not immune from negative western influence.
  11. Islam and the end of history.
  12. Iqbal's epistemological ambivalence and the end of history.
  13. Conclusion.

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