Surah Al-Kahf and the Modern Age
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Surah Al-Kahf and the Modern Age


An analytical study of Surah al-Kahf of the Qur'an

This narrative in Surah al-Kahf accurately describes the world today in which the clutches of godless secularism and materialism has resulted in the new modern way of life. Greed, lust of wealth, material possession, and sex, are corrupting the vast majority of people around the world. This even includes many Muslims.


The Surah warns those who yearn for this world (dunyah) that it has nothing abiding to offer. Everything perishes and passes away. Therefore, instead of living 'in' this world and 'for' this world, one should live 'in' this world but 'for' the next world. The believer should strive in this world to pursue the mission of living 'for' Allah, confident that when Allah Most High accepts his submissions, worship and patience, he would be rewarded with abundant good in the life hereafter.

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