The Qur'an Dajjal and The Jasad
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"Indeed, We tested and tried Solomon when We placed a Jasad upon his throne; and thereupon he turned towards Us penitently; and he prayed: "O my Lord-God! Kindly forgive me my sins and grant that none can inherit my Kingdom of Holy Israel after me; verily, Thou alone art the One who can grant such a request!" [Surah Sad, 34]


It should be clear to the gentle reader that Solomon AS recognised two things in this vision:

Firstly, that the Jasad was a truly evil-being.

Secondly, that the evil Jasad wanted to inherit his Kingdom of Holy Israel.

Solomon's distress AS over this vision was so great, and so too his absolute rejection of any possibility that the Jasad could ever succeed in his mission to rule over Holy Israel, that he immediately made a prayer to Allah Most High to grant that none should ever be able to inherit his Kingdom after him. Hence he preferred that Holy Israel should perish, rather than the possibility should exist that it could ever be inherited by the evil Jasad.


Who could that Jasad be who was shown to Solomon AS sitting on his throne?

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