An Islamic View of Gog and Magog in the Modern World
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What is the reality of the world today? Can all of these events be occurring by accident? If not, what is it that explains them?

  1. Contemporary globalization in which all of mankind is being absorbed into one essentially godless and decadent global society.
  2. The emergence of world government and a universal political.
  3. Unprecedented permanent global poverty and unheard of permanent wealth.
  4. A bogus and fraudulent international monetary system of non-redeemable paper currencies.
  5. The imminent establishment of a new international monetary system of one global cashless electronic currency.
  6. A feminist revolution transforming the 'night' into 'day'.
  7. Mega sporting and entertainment extravaganzas.
  8. Television that distorts reality and brainwashes those who uncritically absorb lies.

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