The Production Process of Mushaf



1. Development of structure and motif

- The structure and motif that we want to use is identified. Only structural and floral motif can be use, as we can’t use living being as the motifs such as animal.


2. Scanning the structure and Motifs with Autocad software

- The motif are then being scan and drawn using Autocad program .


3. Colouring strategy

- Colour strategy is also important for us to find the suitable and the best colour combination for our motifs.


4. Sheets are applied with Pure Gold Leaves


5. Sheets are colored one by one by a group of colorist


6. Quran verse are copied by calligraphers

- We have 10 local calligraphers and 2 from overseas which is Egypt and India. They will copied the Alquran words when everytime we have a new mushaf coming out.


7. Al-Quran verse and checked and verified by Yayasan Restu

- After the quran has been copied, it will then be checked by Tashih department to make sure everything is correct.


8.Send to  publication and Alquran text control, Ministry of Home Affairs for approval

- It will then be send to Ministry of Home Affair for another round of checking and approval.


9. Final Art Work made using computer and Ozalid are prepared for printing

- After approval by the Ministry of Home Affair, the sheet are transferred into an Ozalid for us to start printing.


10. Mushaf Alquran printing at Nasyrul Quran

- The mushaf is printed in Nasyrul Quran and distributed.